Pennsylvania Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) State Statistics

Regrettably, Daily COVID-19 Data Updates Have Been Discontinued.

Recent changes to the timelines of COVID-19 data reports in 27 states make it unfeasible for a small organization such as HTL to continue to do daily COVID-19 updates.

Here are some tips on continuing to access COVID-19 data:
  1. Our World in Data has a very well-designed interface that allows you to easily evaluate the country-level performance in absolute numbers or relative to the population rates.
  2. Google directly displays COVID-19 data for many states and counties. Here's an example for Pennsylvania: and here's an example for New York: The data comes from The New York Times.

Beneath the directly displayed data are normal Google search results for the search term: Pennsylvania COVID-19 data. For some states, a slightly different version of the search term, Pennsylvania COVID-19 dashboard, might yield a more useful list of search results.