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Clearfield County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Borough of Brisbin Clearfield Houtzdale
Borough of Burnside Clearfield Burnside
Borough of Chester Hill Clearfield Philipsburg
Borough of Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield
Borough of Coalport Clearfield Coalport
Borough of Curwensville Clearfield Curwensville
Borough of Glen Hope Clearfield Ramey
Borough of Grampian Clearfield Curwensville
Borough of Houtzdale Clearfield Houtzdale
Borough of Irvona Clearfield Irvona
Borough of Mahaffey Clearfield Westover
Borough of New Washington Clearfield Westover
Borough of Newburg Clearfield Westover
Borough of Osceola Mills Clearfield Houtzdale
Borough of Ramey Clearfield Ramey
Borough of Troutville Clearfield Du Bois
Borough of Wallaceton Clearfield Wallaceton
Borough of Westover Clearfield Hastings
City of DuBois Clearfield Du Bois
Township of Beccaria Clearfield Irvona
Township of Bell Clearfield McGees Mills
Township of Bigler Clearfield Ramey
Township of Bloom Clearfield Luthersburg
Township of Boggs Clearfield Wallaceton
Township of Bradford Clearfield Lecontes Mills
Township of Brady Clearfield Luthersburg
Township of Burnside Clearfield Burnside
Township of Chest Clearfield Westover
Township of Cooper Clearfield Karthaus
Township of Covington Clearfield Devils Elbow
Township of Decatur Clearfield Wallaceton
Township of Ferguson Clearfield Curwensville
Township of Girard Clearfield The Knobs
Township of Goshen Clearfield Huntley
Township of Graham Clearfield Frenchville
Township of Greenwood Clearfield Mahaffey
Township of Gulich Clearfield Ramey
Township of Huston Clearfield Penfield
Township of Jordan Clearfield Irvona
Township of Karthaus Clearfield Pottersdale
Township of Knox Clearfield Glen Richey
Township of Lawrence Clearfield Clearfield
Township of Morris Clearfield Philipsburg
Township of Penn Clearfield Mahaffey
Township of Pike Clearfield Curwensville
Township of Pine Clearfield Elliott Park
Township of Sandy Clearfield Sabula
Township of Union Clearfield Luthersburg
Township of Woodward Clearfield Ramey
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