Lackawanna County PA Civil


Lackawanna County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Borough of Archbald Lackawanna Carbondale
Borough of Blakely Lackawanna Olyphant
Borough of Clarks Green Lackawanna Dalton
Borough of Clarks Summit Lackawanna Scranton
Borough of Dalton Lackawanna Dalton
Borough of Dickson City Lackawanna Scranton
Borough of Dunmore Lackawanna Olyphant
Borough of Jermyn Lackawanna Carbondale
Borough of Jessup Lackawanna Olyphant
Borough of Mayfield Lackawanna Carbondale
Borough of Moosic Lackawanna Avoca
Borough of Moscow Lackawanna Moscow
Borough of Old Forge Lackawanna Avoca
Borough of Olyphant Lackawanna Olyphant
Borough of Taylor Lackawanna Scranton
Borough of Throop Lackawanna Olyphant
Borough of Vandling Lackawanna Forest City
City of Carbondale Lackawanna Carbondale
City of Scranton Lackawanna Scranton
Township of Abington Lackawanna Dalton
Township of Benton Lackawanna Dalton
Township of Carbondale Lackawanna Carbondale
Township of Clifton Lackawanna Thornhurst
Township of Covington Lackawanna Moscow
Township of Elmhurst Lackawanna Olyphant
Township of Fell Lackawanna Carbondale
Township of Glenburn Lackawanna Dalton
Township of Greenfield Lackawanna Carbondale
Township of Jefferson Lackawanna Lake Ariel
Township of La Plume Lackawanna Factoryville
Township of Madison Lackawanna Sterling
Township of Newton Lackawanna Ransom
Township of North Abington Lackawanna Dalton
Township of Ransom Lackawanna Ransom
Township of Roaring Brook Lackawanna Olyphant
Township of Scott Lackawanna Carbondale
Township of South Abington Lackawanna Scranton
Township of Spring Brook Lackawanna Moscow
Township of Thornhurst Lackawanna Thornhurst
Township of West Abington Lackawanna Factoryville
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