Perry County PA Civil


Perry County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Borough of Blain Perry Blain
Borough of Bloomfield Perry Newport
Borough of Duncannon Perry Duncannon
Borough of Landisburg Perry Landisburg
Borough of Liverpool Perry Millersburg
Borough of Marysville Perry Harrisburg West
Borough of Millerstown Perry Millerstown
Borough of New Buffalo Perry Halifax
Borough of Newport Perry Newport
Township of Buffalo Perry Reward
Township of Carroll Perry Shermans Dale
Township of Centre Perry Newport
Township of Greenwood Perry Reward
Township of Howe Perry Duncannon
Township of Jackson Perry Blain
Township of Juniata Perry Newport
Township of Liverpool Perry Reward
Township of Miller Perry Duncannon
Township of Northeast Madison Perry Spruce Hill
Township of Oliver Perry Newport
Township of Penn Perry Wertzville
Township of Rye Perry Wertzville
Township of Saville Perry Ickesburg
Township of Southwest Madison Perry Andersonburg
Township of Spring Perry Landisburg
Township of Toboyne Perry Blain
Township of Tuscarora Perry Millerstown
Township of Tyrone Perry Landisburg
Township of Watts Perry Halifax
Township of Wheatfield Perry Duncannon
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