Wayne County Physical, Cultural & Historical Features


Wayne County Physical, Cultural & Historical Features

Note 1: The Cultural Feature "Locales" can be very helpful in getting oriented in a new community.
Note 2: Links for Local Area Search and Driving Directions are below each feature map.

Physical Features
Cliffs 1
Falls 3
Flats 1
Gaps 1
Islands 2
Lakes 75
Ranges 1
Ridges 2
Streams 76
Summits 22
Swamps 8
Valleys 4
Cultural Features
Airports 8
Bridges 1
Buildings 37
Cemeteries 27
Churches 25
Civil 29
Dams 137
Hospitals 1
Locales 41
Mines 2
Parks 6
Post Offices 22
Reservoirs 104
Schools 33
Towers 5
Historical Features
Airports 6
Churches 2
Schools 21
  • Physical Features are the natural features of the Earth's surface.
  • Cultural Features are landscape features that were created or shaped by humans.
  • Historical Features are features that no longer exist on the landscape.
  • Historical Landmarks: Pennsylvania's National Historic Landmarks
Puerto Rico’s Forgotten Island Vieques Needs Help

Puerto Rico’s Forgotten Island Vieques Needs Help

In the very early morning hours of September 20, 2017, the eyewall of Hurricane Maria passed over the tiny island of Vieques, Puerto Rico as a Category 5 hurricane, before moving westwards to mainland Puerto Rico. Maria ravaged the 60-square mile island with sustained winds of over 150 MPH and storm surges of over 12 feet, destroying homes, local businesses and causing widespread devastation.

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